Chloe Index // 04.20.02
 We ran to the door each time the bell rang. Chloe greeted each of her guests at the door. It was really cute. She even escorted a few to the main room. She played with the other kids and watched them curiously as they all began to arrive. She did a good job sharing all her toys. The baby (and stroller) are much harder to share, however. We mingled for a while until it was time for the activity. It was "Mail Time". This gave the kids an opportunity to each open a special letter that gave them the instruction to find a special Blue's Clue. We then put all the Clues together to find out what time it was.. Simply, Time to sing happy birthday, blow out the candles, and eat cake and ice cream. Eight kids, eight nouns. That was a serious run-on sentence! After cake and ice cream, things began to settle down a bit. Kids got tired. Our friend Diana, or "Di" as Chloe calls her, played with some of the kids. Chloe had a good day.. Chloe Index
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