Chloe Index // 04.04.02
 We were on our way, and we had another 14 hours ahead of us. Our travel day started early. We got up at 2:30 in the moring so we could catch a 6am flight to Dallas. While in Dallas, we got to stretch our legs, giving Chloe some much needed time to play. She liked the phone a lot. She pretended to call "nanny & pappa", "no-no & FD". We played with our play-doh eggs and watched all the people. "People" is a new word for Chloe. At one point she yelled "PEOPLE!" really loud. She got a few looks. She gets looks wherever she goes. She takes after her mommy... This was a beginning of a very long day. It wouldn't be until tomorrow that we arrived.>>>.. Chloe Index
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