Chloe Index // 04.06.02
 After a 14 hour sleep, our first day in Interlaken was amazing. We lucked out when we decided to take the boat tour up to a town called Thun. It was a little cold, but the day was clear and the water was smooth as glass. The boat stops at about 10 different towns on the way to Thun. Each one gave the boat an opportunity to criss-cross the lake. We chose to be outside as much as we could. An expresso for dad and juice for Chloe and we were ready to go again. If we would have had more time in Interlaken, we would have loved to explore more of the towns along the shore. I remember the boat being almost empty, since it was between the high seasons for tourists. The mountains were very, very striking. Our next adventure took us to a little ski town called Murren... Chloe Index
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