Chloe Index // 04.08.02
 Murren was a small little Ski town on the side of the Mountain. We took a trainfrom Interlaken to another small town. From there, we took a Vernicular straight up the mountain. We then had to take ANOTHER train along the side of the mountain to arrive into Murren. The town itself is a classic swiss ski town. In fact, we saw skiers on their way up the mountain ( in April ). We walked through the almost deserted town and found a really cool little restaurant for lunch. chloe's little red jacket stuck aout amongst the dark brown wood of the chateau's and the shops. The pictures don't do justice to the massive mountains that were behind us. the jungfrouh region was unbelievable. At the end of the day, chloe was in a daze. we all were. The next morning we would leave for Bern by Train.... Chloe Index
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