Chloe Index // 06.22.02
 The theme today was riding a PONY!. we were excited all week long. Chloe just about jumped out of the car to run to go see the ponies. We walked around and looked at the pony before we started our little art project. When we were finished making our pony, we went to the stable to get riding instructions from the teacher. Chloe listened very well. We then put on our helmet and patiently waited our turn. Soon "Penny" the pony came to give us a ride. Chloe rode the pony "All by myself" as she would say. It was pretty shocking to see our little girl on such a big animal. She held on really well and concentrated on this new experience. After we got off, we handed our helmut to the next little boy. Wow, a REAL pony! Chloe Index
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