Chloe Index // 08.01.02
 We were raspberry picking! And we made some new friends at Remlinger Farm. Chloe was a little skeptical at first, but she soon figured out how much fun picking the berries could be. She got her own little basket and we had a big long row all to ourselves. This was the last week of the "free" picking season, and with only 3 baskets, we were amateurs compared to some of the "bushel" people we saw. Chloe shows off her basket happily and we got to weigh it in in the end. At .70 cents a pound, these whopping beauties cost only $1.60. I'm sure I'll reference this later when she's older -- "once upon a time...." I'll say, we got three baskets of berries for only $1.60!! "Yeah, right." she'll say. :). Chloe Index
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