Chloe Index // 07.30.03
 Our first baseball game together. This was a treat... We got to go with our friend William, who was in town to take the Washington bar exam. We got some tickets from a nice guy who was selling them from my work. They were good seats. We were up really high, so I made sure Chloe knew the rules on moving around. we also talked about other people and how to be "courteous" (a new word). She did a great job. She sat in between us. We even went for a little walk around. She was tired after the 5th inning, but I could see why, The Mariners only lost 12-1 against the Chicago White Sox!!! What do you expect? I read that they came back and clobbered them the next day by the same amount. We seemed to make it to the 7th inning stretch. Chloe seemed to like the songs when the batters came to bat. She seemed to think that the music meant that it was "over" and so she would turn to me and say, "Daddy, is it over?" -- She really had no idea what was going on, but she did get the concept that the guys were trying to hit the ball. I just had fun taking pictures of her in the light. As we beat the crowds going out, we posed for a quick picture in front of the Safeco Field sign.. Not bad for a first time ball game. I hope we can experience many more.... ... Chloe Index
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