Chloe Index // 11.14.03
 Disney Princess' on Ice... Just about what heaven looks like to a 3 1/2 year old... Chloe and I took the morning to see Dancing princeses on ice. The Disney show was in town and we had a special morning together. This was a dream come true for every little girl in the audience. It doesn't get any better than dancing on ice with all of your favorite princess stories. The key arena was filled with little girls and their parents as Disney lit up the ice and danced around. I was pretty impressed with the production quality and how well they integrated the animated film characters into the performance. And just as I remembered when I was a kid, Mickey and Minny did special appearance. When you are a kid, you think it's all for you. At the end we got to go down to the ice level and meet the 'heros'. chloe was amazed. On our way out, we got a VERY special princess pony that she picked out. She hasn't put it down since. ... Chloe Index
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