Chloe Index // 10.26.03
 I have a new favorite set of tools... and they're from 'Pumpkin Masters'... After we took pictures and had dinner, We went out into the garage and did some pumpkin carving. I can't say that I've carved a lot of pumpkins in my day, but this went pretty well. Lori bought a bunch of kids sets at the store, and (of course) the grown-ups end up carving the pumpkins. One kid was disgusted with her mothers design and just left, but the other two kids hung in there. They really liked lighting the candles and seeing it on the front porch. Chloe wanted something "happy" with big teeth and "hair" -- Don't ask me how to do hair... Daddy did a free-form design that took on a life of its own. I liked the variety. I liked how they all turned out. For $1.04 / pumpkin, I could get into this.... ... Chloe Index
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