Chloe Index // 03.29.03
 We were off to the Woodland Park Zoo! Chloe had been here a few times before, but it was the first time for dad. I got the feeling that she was taking notes on everything I was doing. From the parking to the tickets, I was just waiting for her to correct me or tell me what I was supposed to do. She was initially timid and kinduv shy, but then she immediately began running around and "owning" the entire park. Her favorite time was playing on the big bronze-like hippo near the Africa exhibit. The park was really well designed. I liked how they directed the view so you could see only what was intended to see. Chloe and I wandered around. It was great to discover this whole zoo for the first time. Around each corner was something new to me. Chloe had a great time too. I would mention an animal and say, "Let's go find it" and we would. The paths were fun too. We would play chase (on your marks...get set... GO!) and we had a lot of fun just hanging out. I loved watching her discover new animals and watch them move. She was scared of the lazy lion but completely intrigued by the big Python. I would have thought the exact opposite! The sun ducked in and out and we had a warm and friendly day. She was very curious about so many of the exhibits, and I remember for the first time her interest in signs. She watched these a lot. We got to pet the Pony before we went home. We even got a special snack at the cafe... what a fun day we had together. .. Chloe Index
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