Chloe Index // 04.17.03

Time draws out like a blade...
There is no slower place to spend 90 minutes.

You leave your child with tears in your eyes and you stare at walls... looking at things like soap, towels, and plastic fixtures. Everything has a blue-ish hue to it.

Magazines become pictures on pages, and the words might as well be in a foreign language. You're not looking at the words or care what they say.

Time draws out like a blade. I began to appreciate the time we have, and how quickly it passes.

55 minutes into it, we get paged.
30 minutes later, Dr. Mosca tells us it went well.
25 minutes later, we're paged again.
35 minutes later we're told she is in "recovery"
10 minutes after that, we see our little girl.

It's time to recover...

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