Chloe Index // 04.17.03

Recovery was slow at first...
Chloe was not herself. She seemed stunned, angry and scared. She was in pain.

It was a foreign cry to us. Something we had never seen.

30 minutes later it was under control. A little Morphine and she was slowly coming back to us. She started to become herself again. The room seemed "filled" with other kids, but there were only 3 others. The next 18 hours were going to feel like days.

Chloe has articulated a new phrase. She now says "Pretty Good" when you ask her how she is doing. She seemed to enjoy the small things...

Eating in bed,
Petting a doggy named "Cole",
Watching Toy Story on the TV,
And having Both Mommy and Daddy sleep next to her got us a little bit closer to morning

It's time to recover...

it would be our room for the next 18 hours...

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