Tucker Index // 04.27.03
 Can you believe it was on the schedule? That is how they do a lot of them these days. (apparently). Since Lori had been *carefully* watched this time around, the Doctor decided that now that we were at Term, that they would consider an induction. The only problem was.. When? They don't seem to tell you that much in advance. They tentatively said "Thursday" but we'r not quite sure. Then the phone call came and we were on the schedule (unless the little guy was going to say otherwise). 6:45am and we were on our way. Pitocin is what it's called. By 9:30 we were well on our way for an epidural. By 11:45, it was time to get ready to push. Little Tucker was born at 12:09pm, June 12th. It took only 2 pushes. As Lori would say.... "Easier than the first" ... Nothing about it looks easy... Tucker Index
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