my name is Gerwin Heinrich , i am a vizeheamaster at a german school for slow learners and my second profession is, to work as an artist. I was looking for picture for an art -Event and I found a website from the US. I found a side from a family, which stayed in Bielefeld for a few days.

I was very surprised, that families put their whole private life to the internet. I was asking myself, why are you doing it and I decide to use pictures of your family for an art-project, that will end in an exhibition in Bielefeld.

I am very happy to found your website and now I am looking for simularies between your families.

How am I working ?

First I copy 10 pictures from your family, change them on the computer and then I put them on canvas and I paint them. I hope to make more than 100 pictures. Till now, I selected pictures from 5 families in the U.S. and I hope that I will found more Family-Homepages in other countries. When the Painting will be ready I will send you pictures and infos, where you can see the pictures. I would be very happy, if you add new pictures from you family at the internet. For me it is very interesting to "follow your life" !

More about my work you can find :


Some more Infos?
I am 40 years old, I have three kids and... many things more. Add my name to google.I guess the project will finished in Summer 2006 - the exhibition will be in
December in a local gallery.

With best regards,

Gerwin Heinrich



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