Dane // Journal // April 13, 2000

I'm very tired... and the baby hasn't even come yet. We just did laundry "in case" she comes in the next few days. Everythings seems to be set.

The anticipation is kind-uv wierd. For Lori it's very real. For me, the reality comes and goes. I've been so occupied by all the change. I'm now in my 3rd week at Scient, and have been engaged on two projects part-time.

I'm constantly amazed that Lori has remained completely composed through the entire time. I've heard stories about how she might be on a little more "edge"... I was ready, but it never came. She was soo cool the whole time.

I know the hospital gives her anxiety. We were talking about how its a strange thing to wish for in the end, knowing that you're going to go through something so major.



It's been comforting, though for her to have such a good Dr. that she trusts. That will help ease some of the anxiety.

Lor thought of everything. even got Dr. Whittenberg a little basket of goodies.

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