Dane // Journal // April 18, 2000

I'm very tired... but I promise I won't start every entry with that.

It's 3:25 AM and little chloe is sitting at my feet in the car seat. She likes the comfort of the seat. She's all swaddled up with a little hat on. She and I seem to be increasingly aware of the apartement and how cold it can get. I'm doing that equation they told us. ( your comfort level of clothing + one or two more layers for the baby ) = baby's comfort.

It's the " = " part that always gets' me. Even though you always calculate it in your head, it's more like a floating point variable that never equals the same number twice, and most likely is always prime.

She's been a total trooper. She seems to tell you what she needs, and I'm just starting to pre-emptively adjust before certain crys syptoms or uncomfort syptoms. I've always said i've been a pretty lousy project manager, but Lori and I are running pretty good production.

Every three hours she get's fed. Right now lori is healing up a little while I "finger" feed her with a syringe (spelling) and and upside down finger. This is really effective in getting her a lot of breast milk ( already pumped ) into the baby.

She sleeps like a charm after that. I'm still defining "charm", but check in with me later.


It's been an education, and Chloe's done the teaching. In class, I used to smile when the instructor said that the little one would keep two full-grown adults busy full time.

she was right.

labor of love.

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