Lori // Journal // April 23, 2000

What can I say??? I never thought that labor would be like it was and I never knew what real pain was until I was in my third hour of contractions, which were five minutes apart. What do they feel like? I cannot describe it - an overwhelming sense of heat/ stabbing/ripping/burning/cramping tearing through your whole body. You see, it's not like a tummy pain…

What I can say, briefly, now that I am considered an expert (maybe?) is that I want to thank the sweet Lord in heaven for giving man the capacity to think of a pain medication like the epidural. The relief that was felt by that (albeit scary big needle in my spine that sent what felt like an electrical shock through my body) amazing miracle drug was so immense that I almost wept with joy when the pain was gone. I would like to thank the person who invented that drug. After that injection ( I think I was 3 to 4 centimeters) I could get down to the business of thinking about what was about to come…Chloe!!! After anxious moments trying to bring sweet Chloe into the world she arrived! No small feat, let me tell you!


a moment // Labor and Joy!

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