Dane // Journal // April 26, 2000

I'm on a plane.. coming home to my girls. I need not be reminded how much I miss them. I visit my own site a few times a day to see little Chloe's picture. And of course take full advantage to show someone new.

There's something about being a daddy that makes you a little less shy about showing off your own child. I would never point to a painting, portfolio, or anything else the way I excitingly walk up to a colleague and invite them to see my little girl.... I must be proud daddy.

I often get the question.. When do you have time to do this? -- I guess you just find the moments in between the moments to build and document these feelings. Of course there's this level of longing for friends and family that aren't so close to reach out and get a glimpse of our emotional and wonderful journey.

Soon I'll be back into the patterns of being home.. interrupted sleep, changing, burping, and sleeping... a little bit at a time


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