Journal // April 27, 2000

Chloe is undoubtedly loved. Below are just some of the wonderful messages she recieved from family, friends, and colleagues. Thank you all for such amazing support. --dane & lori



Hi you guys, Ok, so I just spent the first 45 minutes at work wandering the chloe website! What a doll! And what a great way to bring your friends into your world with Chloe. I have to say I got veryteary-eyed. The picture of Lori's clenched fist in bed also brought back a lot of memories...I did a lot of clenching myself! She is absolutley beautiful...of course! What a total joy..I know how great these first days at home are. Your nursery takes on a whole new meaning because there is a part of you that now resides there. I am so happy for you two (three!) How is her foot? I am assuming things are well and pray to that end. Lori, when we were together you mentioned the doctors saying that because Chloe had two abnormal things there is a slight chance there could be a third. Any info there? How long was your labor? Were you induced or not? Well, I best get back to work! I am so excited to meet little Chloe. When your energy returns (like in about 20 years!) let me know who to invite to the shower. I am looking forward to that. Life doesn't get much better than what you are experiencing right now! Bless you all...

Love, Teri


Congratulations Lori!! What a beautiful little girl! when she gets into Jr high, send her to me for a week & I'll tell her some helpful stories about her mommy when she was her age!! i pray you all are doing well. I miss you! We're going to be in S. CA for Mike Zuber's wedding in July, but I'm sure that won't help us cross paths... Things are great here, Paul has decided to go into missions as a career! He is back home at a JC to do his gen ed. Gina has a year left to her master's in counselling then she will be on her way (long road!). Take care my friend,

Love, Byron


hi dane, lori, and chloe... how is the new little addition doing? gill and i have the chloe website as a favorite and check it often to see the updates... she is so beautiful!!! newborns aren't suppose to look that good...are they? anyway.. we just wanted to send our love and let you know how much we have enjoyed visiting the web site... it makes it seem like you guys are so far away. we are so happy to hear how healthy she is!! much love.. sharon and gill ------ i am sooooo excited for your family. i would love to stop by and bring something for Chloe. what, when can i do this. let me know, i am anxious to see all of you.

melissa dreier


Hi chloe this is your cousin Traci. We are very anxious to meet you. You are a very beautiful little girl and your cousin Harrison looks forward to playing with you. Be good for your mommy and daddy and we will see you soon hopefully.

Love Traci


Dane, I am amazed. About ten weeks after Jack's birth, I'll finally be posting a Website tonight or tomorrow. Yours just keeps getting better and better by the moment... just moments after birth! And I can't believe what a beauty Chloe is. No wait. Yes I can. She definitely resembles you. I can see why you're so proud... Love being kept posted--

Susan Birney


Welcome to the world, little Chloe. What a special family you have come into!! Take care of mommy and daddy and don't be too hard on Grandma Ruth. We need her here soon and she has to be in top form in order to answer all the questions her students have. Tell her to listen to her voice mail and sleep on the plane coming back to Santa Barbara.

Linda Meister Sally Webb


omigod. . .she is so beautiful, sweet, and pink! congratulations! hooray! yipee! and joy of joys!. . . i am so happy for you. . .wow! daddy has way too much time on his hands. . .chloe's website is AMAZING!. . .i have trouble getting email sent. . . the pictures and anecdotal comments are truly professional. . . nice job dad. . . Lori. . hope you are well and enjoying your newtreasure. . .is her sweet heart alright?. . I told sue about Chloe's arrival and she had it on the "board" today. . . Lisa had a boy. . .yes, it certainly is spring. . the season of new life and new hope for the world. . welcome sweet Chloe! i send my love to you. . .give her a little kiss for me. .



Congratulations to you all!!! I must say I am amazed at how young the dotcomers have become, especially since most of my generation (OK just me) still has problems figuring out the remote control. CIAO

Dave buehring


I finally got onto the site. It looks killer! I am not really a "baby guy" but the site made me smile. I really understand your pride and love for the little Chloe. Wow! May I get your permission to post this to quokka rap? Hope life is treating you well. PS thanks of the compliments. Check out the new MDS. Not as good as last years.. but I directed it myself and had one designer to help. So the team was tiny compared to last years



My dearest Chloe, Welcome! It's so wonderful to finally see your picture. This whole family has been very anxious to meet you. It's about time we got a new face around here. I am very excited to meet you face to face. I think you will see me for the first time this summer. I was very pleased to see the mobile that you are using over your crib. I took a child psychology class once and the colors and designs that were used in your mobile facilitate maximal visual stimulation. You are already off to a great start! :-) I'll see you soon!

Love Brett


Dave, Jennet, Chris, Burt, Kathryn, Jane, Rick, Mike, Diane, Ed are stuffed from Easter dinner- Dan, Jason and friends already left. Chloe you are beautiful!!!!! Welcome to our family!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Dane and Lori - you did good!


Hi Chloe! You are one lucky little girl! You have soooo much to look forward too! You have the most wonderful Mommy and Daddy any child could ever hope for...and after only being in this world just a few is already very apparent that you are loved, very, very much! We look forward to meeting you soon! You look so beautiful on your web-sight! Tell your Mommy and Daddy that we are so happy for them, they are very lucky to be so blessed! All our love,

Allison and Chad


Hi Dane, Lori, and Chloe, The pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful little doll you have. We are rejoicing with you at this miracle God has brought into your lives. Your web site is terrific! Hope you are having a blessed Easter.

Uncle Ron and Aunt Grace


Dear Chloe, I was seated here in the office trying to get some work done. However, all I could do was look at your pictures. We must quickly get our game plan together so you can do the number on your parents before they get wise to your tricks. Remember, what ever you it quickly and often...then just look cute and innocent. I have some words of wisdom from Mike and Katelyn...for your parents...the Surgeon General has determined that prolonged exposure to infants may result in loss of sleep, stained clothing, inability to dine in fine restaurants and long-term depletion of savings accounts. Should you require further info about the topic just ask two people with blood shot eyes and no money that live in Yorba Linda.




jo & britt


CHLOE! Welcome, you little 2 -day-old beauty!!! I just saw your pictures on the internet....(Dane and Lori are exposing you early!!) :-) You are beautiful....and are an extremely lucky lady to have parents like Dane and Lori! I wonder what you are thinking right now with all these people admiring your tiny little nose, ears and hands.....

Congratulations, Dane and Lori! What an amazing gift you have created! I cannot imagine something more beautiful .... to be created out of complete love for each other! I am so excited for you two! I look forward to the day when I get to meet your beautiful daughter! You are amazing people and are going to make incredible parents.... Thank you for sharing the website with me.....I love it!!!! It is something I will cherish and find great joy in re-reading!! Congratulations, and thank you for your friendship!!! :-)

with love and many HUGS for all 3 of you!



Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful (what else would you expect from such a handsome couple!) We are thrilled for you and can't wait to meet little Chloe... and introduce her to Jack :o) The very best for restful & bonding days ahead. Keep us posted (web site was great... Dane, not only are you talented with images, you have a real gift for language... splendid!)

Much love

-- The Birneys


Chloe, You are one photogenic little girl! Are you always as peaceful as you look, or is the camera man/person just there at the right time? Did you know people are celebrating your grand entrance into the world all over the world? You Daddy has done a fine job of showing off his little girl. You are a lucky one! I can't wait to meet you in person. I'll come around for a visit in a few days. Be good to your parents, Chloe, and sleep when it is dark outside.




Hi Chloe! This is Uncle Dave. I was surprised when I saw your picture. Aunt Kim described you to me over the phone last night (my car phone; I'm an LA man) after talking to your Mommy, but you look different to me. You remind me of your cousin Katelyn. I called your Aunt Kim from a hockey game and later on the road to see if you arrived yet!

I call Katelyn "Katie Bug;" I'll have to think of a name for you! I can't wait to buy you ice cream and toys. Now I have TWO little cutie pies to dote over. Is your hair red or brown? I hope its like your Mommy's, because sometimes your Daddy's hair sticks out in all funny directions! I'll show you some time! We will have lots of giggles. I hope you get plenty of rest and I hope your foot gets better real fast. Katelyn's Grandpa Bill will think of you when he looks at his foot in a bandage.

Don't let Grandma Ruth give you Diet Coke just yet, its icky! Try not to flirt with the baby boys in the nursery, even though your Mommy might tend to encourage it. She doesn't mean it; she just wants to see what your Daddy will do about it. I hope you like your cozy new blankets, and your new Grandmas and Grandpas.

Have sweet dreams!



She's incredibly georgous, and you guys will be such great parents. I'm quite speechless..... It was so good to see you both before the big event, and am so happy that it all turned out with no glitches. Enjoy every second, as even as the time seems so slow in the beginning,you will suddenly wonder how she got so grown up so fast. Thank you all for sharing such a wonderous event.

All my best,

Nancy Kaufman (of Nancy and Spencer)


Hi Dane and Lori Loved your announcement! your new addition to this world Chloe. She's Beautiful! Our thoughts are with you... When your settled, we'd love to come by and visit.

Lots a Luv,
Mary Jo and John


Chloe, We welcome you with love and joy. We wish you the very best and happiest life possible. We know your parents are so happy that you are finally here. You have the greatest grandparents and aunt and uncle in the world. We will look forward to holding you soon.

Dave and Suzanne


Chloe, welcome, we have been eagerly anticipating your arrival - I'm glad you finally made it. You will be happy to know that you lucked out - you have the greatest two people as parents. I know things are a little frantic right now, but just sit back and relax. We all love you and are at your service.

Take care,

William Lamb


Dear Baby Chloe,
First of all, let me tell you what a true little gift from Heaven you are! I've been hearing about you for months from your Daddy (who by the way is one of the kindest men I know!). He and your mommy are so excited to have you! As your Daddy tells me, he and your mommy planned very carefully for you and have been counting the days until they could share their life with you. How fortunate you are that you have two incredible people in your life to be your teachers. And the really great thing is you get to be a teacher for your parents as well. I can't wait to meet you! Until then.........

Much love,



Dane and Lori- congratulations to the both of you. The pictures look fantastic and Chloe looks beautiful, a real reflection on both parents. Hope the next years are easier than the last few days sounded.



hi chloe, good to have you in this world! you must congratulate your parents for me when you get old old enough to speak. they must be very proud! you are so cute! and your dad's website looks awfully familiar to me but i can't place it. again, glad to see that you are healthy, and don't forget to congratulate dane and lori.

m. 01: MATT SNOW,



Dear Chloe, This is your grandmother Diane writing to you. We are anxious for your arrival into this world. As I sat in church this morning and admired all of the darling young children around us, I found myself wondering just what you will look like. No doubt a real beauty, just look at your parents. Please come soon! We already LOVE you so very much
She sleeps like a charm after that. I'm still defining "charm", but check in with me later.



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