Dane // Journal // May 26, 2000

Little Chloe and Mommy are asleep.We're in the living room while Aunt Dena and Grandma Diane sleep in the main bedroom. Can't possible explain how valuable a few extra hands are.

Simple things, like dinner or an extra hand to change a diaper. The end-goal is a little more sleep for mommy, but that's hard when she still has to get up and feed every three hours.

Cut Star Wars: episode 1 a little short so mommy could get some sleep. She's such a good mommy. Tireless, even when she's the most tired.

She's been sleeping with Chloe on her chest. The warmth of your body and the sound of your heartbeat make her feel comfortable, safe.

Today I took Diane and Dena around SF for a tour. We went to Union square, shopping around downtown, fisherman's warf and finally at Golden Gate bridge. I hadn't even been on the bridge since I've been here. I've only been over it by vehicle.

I still can't believe how short the railing is. I kept wondering about how I would hold little Chloe and cross the bridge. I saw another daddy holding his baby as he looked over the railing. I was scared to death to watch him. With the wind, I thought it could blow anything away at any time.

we have alot of time before we have to take her any place like that.
she's so fragile, so little still.

When I put her on our bed, she's dwarfed by it's size.


Tomorrow is another laundry day.

It always seems like a laundry day...

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