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Important dates / breakthroughs:

April 17,2000
The Birth !!!!

In journal:

Labor & Joy!

Patterns develop
What is clubfoot?

What IS clubfoot?

Loving the carseat

Our first Lunch outing

All Smiles!!

Moods she makes...

20 minutes in carseat..


New Faces!

Our first Shots

First real Bath!

Trip to NY

Seeing Art!

All in the Eyes!

Eat the feet

We're sitting up!

All in Pink!!

Shopping in NY

Grandma's house

Chloe's First Christmas

We're sitting up!
After a little help, Chloe can sit up all by herself.Go there

Hi, I'm pink...
The story of a little girl in a pink outfit hanging out.Go there

Current Stats:
H Height 25 7/8in.
W Weight 14lb. 4oz
weight: 25%
height: 50%
 Greatt Pictures //
07 Sept // Visit the Met!
31 Aug // NY Fashion alert:
28 Aug // Bath time is more fun
18 Jul // Pure Purple!
 Photo Albums // See What happened in the Important Dates
Photos //
Hospital Visit#3: No tears, and an outpatient perfect day....
Grandma's Floor: Now that we can sit up, we're more independant....
Daddy Goes shopping in NY: It was cold but very beautiful in NY in December.
Baseball cap: Just hangin' out watchin the world series....
Hanging out with daddy: 3 minutes, 10 pictures.
Meeting at the airport: Mommy and chloe come home..
Baseball cap: Just hangin' out watchin the world series....
Foot in my mouth: It's not what she says, but how she says it....
Eyes can say it all: Everyone has always said "she is so alert" -- that's just how she communicates.
Seeing art at the Met: Chloe prefers 19th century European paintings. 1 2
Art at the Met2: Chloe prefers 19th century European paintings. 1 2
NY in Style!: Being cool in NY!
Perfect Center Piece: Eat your heart out Martha Stewart..
NY: Empire State Building: 86 floors up.
2 month shots :( Chloe gets her 3 month shots....
Pure Purple! : Just for the sake of Purple..
All Smiles: Breakthrough... chloe learns to smile..
New Faces: Every day is a new face she invents.
6am - who's awake?: Guess who's wide awake.
She's a little Girl: At moments she looks all grown up.
Grandma Diane & Aunt Dena visit: Holding God's little miracle.
It's starting to sink in: We're a family! Everywhere we go now, it's together..
These two are cousins: Katelyn and Chloe meet for the first time.
Today it'll be green: A fasion show: courtesy of green, yellow, and purple.
Yellow Suits and Grandpa Gayle: Some clothes are just soooo cute.
Bath Time! An afternoon bath is good for mommy and Chloe.
Things that are beautiful Flowers bloom
Day 2: Recovery & Discovery Both mommy and baby experience day 2
The Birth! She was so alert, so with it. She was a little angel.
The Birth // part 2: images that made a 2nd gallery.
The Nursery They make baby stuff for everything!!
Our niece, Katelyn The images from her birth inspired this site.
Moments // See What happened in the Important Dates
05 AUG: Moments: Our first big-person bath!
26 JUN: Moments: 20 minutes in the carseat...
27 MAY: Moments: Ultrasound flashback: Sometimes I'll forget...
26 MAY: Journal // Dane: We've had some guests the last couple of weeks.
25 MAY: Moments: Why are baby toys Black and White?
20 MAY: Moments: Out to lunch. Our first restaurant outing.
20 MAY: Moments: Afternoon at the Park
09 MAY: Moments: Lots of time together: sleeping
05 MAY: Moments: Baby POV: Some of the toys she sees
01 MAY: Moments: What IS clubfoot?
29 APR: Moments: Building Memories: one at a time
28 APR: Moments: Equipment: the saviors of parenthood.
28 APR: Journal // Dane: From all of you... such wonderful words.
26 APR: Journal // Dane: I now "show-off" much more...
24 APR: Moments: At home: The patterns take shape
23 APR: Journal // Lori: What was Labor like?... I'll tell you.
19 APR: Journal // Dane: A few days perspective
18 APR: Moments: One happy, and amazed....DADDY!
18 APR: Moments: HELLOOO WORLD!!!
18 APR: Moments // Birth: Labor and Joy!
16 APR: Journal // Lori: I'll take mother nature over Pitocin any day
16 APR: Moments: Week 39: What's happening inside and out.
16 APR: Moments // Lori: Expectations are EVERYTHING!
15 APR: Journal // Lori: Anxious.. One day before
13 APR: Journal // Dane: We just did laundry, and i'm tired already
09 APR: Journal // Lori: Everyone aggreed it was a lovely day!
29 FEB: Moments // Lori: Such a nice shower